Impellico Facilities Management are proud to offer a range of refrigeration services throughout the UK. Our refrigeration engineers are FGas-accredited and highly experienced on a range of sites and refrigeration systems – our existing clients range from small convenience stores right through to large distribution centres and we work with most of the UK’s leading supermarket brands.

How We Can Help

  • Refrigeration Service and Maintenance 

    • Planned maintenance and reactive repairs
  • Refrigerated Display Case Installation

    • Commissioning and bolting in new and refurbished display cabinets
  • Case and Coldroom Fabric Repairs

    • Supply and installation of coldroom door furniture and display case parts
  • Coldroom Installation

    • From design to installation and commissioning of coldrooms of all sizes
  • Drain Maintenance

    • Plumbing in, unblocking and chemically treating condensate drainage systems
  • FGas Leak Testing

    • Reducing costs and ensuring compliance
  • Reactive Repairs

    • Emergency refrigeration engineer callouts
  • Deep Cleaning

    • Refrigeration Display Case Cleaning – improving efficiency and reducing breakdowns

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Refrigeration service and maintenance is vital for food retailers, suppliers and producers alike. The consequences of poorly-maintained equipment can be catastrophic for businesses, leading to stock loss and lost trade. A well-planned maintenance programme can reduce this impact. Our tailor-made PPM schedules ensure that our clients’ equipment functions efficiently, reducing downtime, guaranteeing compliance with FGas legislation, saving money by increasing energy efficiency and ultimately increasing the lifespan of the equipment. When things do go wrong, our team of reactive refrigeration engineers work nationwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide emergency repairs with a fast response time.

Energy Efficiency

Refrigeration can account for up to 60% of a supermarket’s energy spend and commercial refrigeration systems make up about 12% of the UK’s carbon emissions. Reducing this energy consumption has become a top priority for many businesses in the UK – it saves money, it enhances their reputation and it promotes the fight against climate change. What’s more, energy saving doesn’t have to be expensive: The Carbon Trust estimate that 20% can be cut from many systems with little or no investment at all, simply by following industry best practice when it comes to maintenance and general housekeeping. Cleaning a condenser alone can lead to savings of up to 10% with an almost immediate payback. Regular leak checks, carried out as part of a maintenance programme, will further reduce costs and environmental impact.


As well as deep cleaning and maintenance, our teams are experienced in delivering retrofit solutions designed to further reduce energy spend, including LED lighting conversions, installing doors on display cabinets and installing aerofoils to improve air flow. Our engineers are experienced at working with CO2 refrigeration and natural refrigerants.

If you’re searching for reliable, knowledgeable refrigeration companies, contact Impellico Facilities Management today.

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